Elo Boosting FAQs Answered

Boosting in League of Legends involves using a player with superior skills and rank to help you climb the rank quickly. Booster services help you climb the ranks either by pairing you with a higher ranked player, which improves your team’s winning rate, or taking over your account and playing as if they were you. Whatever approach is used some of the answers to your boosting FAQs are answered below.

How does it work?

Many boosting services will require you make a payment or a deposit before they start boosting your account. After the payment, your account is assigned a challenger or master booster. He can be in your team, or play on your behalf by logging in your account.

Can an account get banned for boosting?

In theory, Riot games do not look favorably on boosting as it is a shortcut to the top. However, boosting is done by many players and they get away with it. The booster player must use a VPN to avoid suspicious patterns.

How many boosters work on an account?

Normally, your account will be assigned to one booster to keep consistency.

Can I play when my account is being boosted?

It is possible to play when your account is undergoing boosting. However, it is highly discouraged as you could make blunders which invalidate the boosting. It could also raise suspicious behavior which could mark out your account as a boosted account.

Can I spectate?

You can open another account to spectate on what is happening to your main account.

Will the booster play the main role?

Different booster services have different packages. Depending on the order you place, the booster will play your main role. This is encouraged as it helps climb faster.

How long does it take?

There are many variables that go into time taken to boost an account. How far up the ranks would you like to climb? If you want to climb from Bronze to Diamond, the booster has more work to do which will take longer. It also depends on factors such as internet speeds. The skills level of the booster will also matter a lot. A highly skilled booster can get you up the ranks faster.

What if am not happy with the booster?

The boosting service will usually allow you to make complaints if you are not satisfied with the assigned booster. Another booster will usually be assigned to complete the assignment.

Will my Riot points be touched?

No, unless you give express permission for the booster to do so.

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